SBDC Template


  • Andra Hargrave

    Andra Hargrave

    Government Contracting, Veterans, Connect2DOT

  • Bing Chou

    Bing Chou


  • Brad Friedman

    Brad Friedman

    Inbound and Social Media Marketing

  • Chuck Hunker

    Chuck Hunker

    Generalist, Retail

  • Chuck Stees

    Chuck Stees


  • Courtney Berg

    Courtney Berg

    Human Resources

  • Deb Kolaras

    Deb Kolaras

    Social Media, Marketing

  • Don Potratz

    Don Potratz

    QuickBooks, Accounting

  • Ed Kase

    Ed Kase

    Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Technology Commercialization

  • Eric Zeitlin

    Eric Zeitlin

    Generalist, Product Design and Development

  • Erik Host-Steen

    Erik Host-Steen

    Marketing, Sales, Product Development

  • Fredrik Mollborn

    Fredrik Mollborn

    Intellectual Property

  • Jesse Esparza

    Jesse Esparza

    Multicultural, Spanish

  • Julio Blanco

    Julio Blanco


  • Karri Palmetier

    Karri Palmetier

    Legal Aspects of Government Contracts

  • KC Coburn

    KC Coburn

    Social Media/Marketing

  • Ken King

    Ken King

    Restaurant Operations

  • Marianne Ballantine

    Marianne Ballantine

    Disaster Relief

  • Maureen (Mo) Kanwischer

    Maureen (Mo) Kanwischer

    Marketing, Business Planning

  • Mia Mestdagh

    Mia Mestdagh

    Website Development

  • Paul Chambliss

    Paul Chambliss

    Buy, Sell, Valuation

  • Reagan Freed

    Reagan Freed

    Human Resources

  • Rhonda Boehs-Schreckengost

    Rhonda Boehs-Schreckengost

    Human Resources/Bookkeeping

  • Ruth Janjic

    Ruth Janjic

    Strategic Marketing, Business and Research

  • Sam Gastro

    Sam Gastro


  • Stephanie Amend

    Stephanie Amend

    SBIR, Government Contracting

  • Steve Parry

    Steve Parry


  • Steven Groves

    Steven Groves

    Strategic Marketing and Technology

  • Suzi Bahnsen

    Suzi Bahnsen

    Assistant Director

  • Veronika Sprinkel
  • Wayne Kocina

    Wayne Kocina

    Location Intelligence

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