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The Basics of Writing a Press Release

Friday, February 10, 2017

Writing press releases is a staple skill of public relations specialists. However, any business can utilize them if they know how to properly write and distribute them. Anyone can write a simple press release if they have the right content. Distributing press releases can be a little bit of a challenge because you need to make sure you are reaching the right target audiences, but with enough practice and know-how, press releases can significantly help your company grow.

There are a few things to keep in mind while writing a press release. First of all, your press release should include an interesting title and subtitle. Don’t just title it after the name of your company; make sure it is relevant and descriptive of the topic you are covering. The subtitle should be a short sentence clarifying your topic and relevance to your business or a newsworthy subject. It should look like something you see on a newspaper headline.

Even though you might think your company is worth a story, the media might not. In order to make your press release more appealing to journalists, it needs to be newsworthy. Newsworthy topics include new advances in technology and science, food trends, celebrities, breaking news, human interest stories and other topics you might see on the news or in newspapers. The best approach is to find a newsworthy topic to write about and simply mention your company.

You should also include quotes in your press releases. You should feature at least one internal quote from someone in your company and at least one external quote from an outside source or expert. Make sure that if the quotes mention your company, they are relevant to the topic of the press release. They should also have some substance. For example, instead of using a quote that simply comments on how well your company is doing, use a quote that compares your company’s efforts or successes to the relevant market.

Your press release should also include boilerplates. A boilerplate is a quick blurb at the end of the press release with a description of your company. This could be your mission statement or your vision or something else prefabricated from your company’s existing website. In addition to a description of your business, include contact information for yourself or someone within your company who can answer questions a journalist might have.

Distributing your press release can be the most challenging part of the process. If you are a new business, chances are you don’t have many relationships within the media. Building those relationships will be essential if you want press releases to be a significant part of your business. It will take some effort to build a good list of media contacts, but it is an obtainable goal. If you have a publication or media outlet in mind, it’s a good bet that the right person to contact will be on their website. Sending them a personalized email or phone call is a great way to start building a relationship with them.

Finding the right media outlet is also important. If you are the owner of a new restaurant, for example, it’s probably not a good idea to send your first press release to a major news channel or Forbes. Instead, try reaching out to local newspapers or search Google for local food bloggers. If your topic is newsworthy and relevant to their existing content, there is a decent chance that your press release will be used. Bloggers and local news outlets will be your best bet as a new business, but as your company grows, you can also look to larger media outlets, like bigger news stations, trade journals, magazines and more.

Writing a press release can seem like a pretty daunting task, but practice makes it easier. Distributing your press release can seem like an even bigger challenge, but as you build better relationships with the media and network more, chances of your press release being used will increase.

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