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Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Tradeshow

Friday, May 12, 2017

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Tradeshow

Tradeshows are great for any business. Not only are they an excellent place to display your business, but they make networking easy and they’re fun. If you’re new to the tradeshow circuit, the idea of presenting your business at such a platform can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to help you get started and make the best of your tradeshow experience:

1.     Have at least two people from your business attend if you can

One person will need to attend your booth at all times to talk about your business and answer questions anyone might have. The second representative will be responsible for networking: they should explore the tradeshow with business cards in hand, meet people, and try to acquire some clients or business partners. They can also attend any lectures or workshops at the show. Both of your representatives need to be knowledgeable enough about your business to answer any questions and thoroughly explain what you do.

2.      Pay attention to aesthetics

Your booth needs to be attractive, since that’s what initially attracts attendees. Use colorful banners and large printed photos. Use technology if you can: running slideshows or videos on a TV always creates a crowd. Make sure your company’s logo is clearly visible. Also make sure your representatives are dressed nicely and in a way that represents the attitude of your business (however, sweatpants are never acceptable). Just being there isn’t enough: your display needs to be noticeable.

3.     Prepare your people

As previously mentioned, whoever is representing your business at the tradeshow need to be well versed in all aspects of your business. If you are featuring specific products, write a short script for the person/people presenting it at your booth. Rehearse a quick introduction for your booth and for networking. You can also create a spec sheet for any details that are important or any questions that might be asked. Just make sure your representatives don’t say the wrong thing.

4.     Bring your products

If you have a product, it needs to be presented at your display. If your product is small enough, bring a lot. If you have a larger product, like a piece of equipment, ask for some outdoor space to do a demonstration or film it working and have the video rolling at your display. There is no point of presenting your business if you don’t have your product clearly visible somewhere in your display.

5.     Have fun

Tradeshows are fun. They are a meeting of people and businesses with similar interests. They are a place where you can get excited about what you do and show off your business. Networking is important, but being personable and having fun with the experience makes it easier to talk to people. The same goes for presenting your business at your booth: being confident in your knowledge and expertise will make people feel more comfortable interacting with you. Explore and smile, and you will certainly get the most from your tradeshow experience.

Tradeshows are a great opportunity to humanize your business and get your company more facetime. Tradeshows cost money, and they aren’t always cheap, so make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity.
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