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What Makes An Effective Newsletter

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Newsletters are a great way to increase awareness of your business among your customer base or business partners. However, not all newsletters are inherently great. In order to have a decent open rate (percentage of recipients who actually opened the newsletter email), you need to have great content, but that can be tough. Thinking of new content every month takes a lot of creativity and time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Product release: If your company just released a new product, announce it. Make sure to include pictures and specs of the product as well as release dates and where to find it.

  • Industry news: If there was a big industry change that will affect your business, write a couple paragraphs about it in the newsletter. Explain what the change is and exactly how it will affect your business, if at all.

  • FAQs: If there is a certain question that you keep getting asked about your organization, the newsletter is a great place to address it. You can even make it a permanent section and just answer a new question every month.

  • An editorial by an industry expert: If there is an opinionated manager or leader in your company, have them write an editorial about something in the industry. An editorial should express an opinion, but have plenty of facts to back it up. A good editorial also addresses some possible arguments against the opinion being presented.

  • A letter from the founder/president/CEO: If your company just experienced some growth or expansion, have an executive write a letter thanking the audience for their business. If your company recently suffered a crisis or a setback, an executive can address that and make an official statement as well.

  • Event announcements: If your organization will be attending a tradeshow or hosting an event, include summaries of what you’ll be doing there as well as the dates. Making your customers/clients/partners/employees aware of what’s going on is a great way to get your audience more involved.

  • Blog posts: If your company has a blog page, sharing a popular blog post from the last month or quarter (depending on newsletter frequency) is a great way to fill up space and get more visits to your website

  • An anniversary: If your business recently celebrated a milestone, share it with your audience. An excited tone can make your audience excited for you, too.

There are tons of content topics you can include in your newsletter. If creativity is your thing, have fun thinking of new and inventive ideas. Just remember to always include photos and graphics to keep your newsletters visually engaging, and have fun with it. We hope these tips help spur your business success!


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