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Will participation in social media really benefit your business?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The short answer is yes. But HOW you choose to approach your social efforts will definitely affect your success. From Facebook and LinkedIn, to Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pintrest – every platform has a niche audience and set of features that can assist you in delivering the right message to the right audience.

Getting Started

Before you begin any social media activity, it’s important to determine goals and a content strategy. Perhaps you’re developing a long-term campaign, or maybe just adding a short-term campaign to compliment your longer-term efforts. Regardless, it’s important to identify which platforms will make the most sense to help reach these goals and what type of content will yield the most success. Even more importantly, make sure you establish quantifiable, attainable goals. For example:

Have x number of social media mentions in a week
Increase Facebook likes by x
Increase LinkedIn followers by x
Have x number of people fill out our contact form in a month
Have x number of people download our content piece each week
A x increase in traffic from social media networks over 3 months

Understanding Your Audience

In order to set these goals, you’ll need to learn what is important to your audience. Unfortunately, most people are not going to be as passionate about the product you’re selling or the service you are offering as you are. However, they may be passionate about the results of your product/service or interested in how your product/service helps them. If you create content that illustrates what is actually important to your audience, you will find success. You can do this by digging into what your audience is talking about, discovering what content they regularly share, how often, and with whom. With this information you will be able to create a content piece that sincerely speaks to your audience.

Creating Interesting and Useful Content

Knowing your audience is key to developing content that will either educate or entertain. Though educational content is often very successful, sometimes people want to consume content about something that excites them, but won’t necessarily teach them something new. 
Content that entertains an audience can often create more engagement on social media. Everyone loves to laugh or smile every once in awhile! If you can elicit genuine emotion, the likelihood of them sharing your content is increased.

The key to developing engaging, shareable content is making sure there is a genuine interest. For example, if you send dog treat recipes to cat owners, the likelihood of engagement is really low. But if you create a video showcasing leash obedience training techniques to new dog owners, you’ll have a much higher probability of engagement. 

Make it Easy to Share

Social media platforms make it easy for your content to be shared. You should be aware of how these features work and optimize your content for this purpose. 
However, one key element for success is to have your content originate from a domain your own, like your company website or a blog. This way people can visit this location and share it in manner that works best for them. For example, if your blog has a social sharing toolbar – they can easily click this icon from within your domain and share it with their friends. In other words, don’t make your audience work to share your content – make it as easy as possible.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Joe Contrino is CEO of The Contrino Group, a direct marketing agency located in Lafayette, CO.

Joe is an award winning direct marketer with over 32 of years of experience.   Prior to founding The Contrino Group, Joe was a Senior Partner at Suite 700 Direct, Integrated Marketing Solutions Manager at Henry Wurst, Inc., and CEO and owner of Contrino Direct Marketing, Boulder, CO.

Joe is a Direct Marketing Association Certified Direct Marketer Professional, Industry Co-Chair of the Denver Postal Customer Council Board of Directors, and speaks regionally and nationally on direct marketing topics and trends.

No matter what your business is or who your customers are, the team at The Contrino Group can help you in all facets of communication. From acquisition and retention strategies, to segmentation, formats and touch strategies – we’ve done it all and have some great success stories to share. 

murthy commented on 14-Apr-2018 07:35 PM
Really good blog . I loved it. social media marketing acts as a sales nurturing tool and great for customer feedback, which helps brand improve and become more competitive.

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