SBDC Template

General Business Websites

  • A comprehensive source of business advice, news, forms, market research, services and stories

  • America's Business Funding Directory: A free databse of over 3,600 sources of capital; provides instruction manuals for the preparation and presentation of funding requests

  • BizStats: Free business industry statistics; topics include but are not limited to: total number of US businesses, industry market size, average sales per store location, industry financial ratios, and inventory turnover ratios by industry

  • Business Owner's Toolkit: Small business strategies, news and resources through free membership; concepts are introduced by large companies and developed to fit the small business environment

  • Community Resource Center: Creates opportunities and resources to develop community groups and nonprofit organizations; tools include grant guides, seminars and workshops and helpful links

  • Provides over 1,000 links to socioeconomic data sources, broken down into economic activity by subject and provider; government websites and publications included to ease the search process for economic and demographic statistics

  • Edward Lowe Foundation: Searchable online database for business-related articles, book chapters and SBA publications

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