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Online Resources

  • Articles information on a variety of business topics, including: start-up, marketing, finance, forecasting, etc

  • A comprehensive source of business advice, news, forms, market research, services and stories

  • America's Business Funding Directory: A free databse of over 3,600 sources of capital; provides instruction manuals for the preparation and presentation of funding requests

  • BizStats: Free business industry statistics; topics include but are not limited to: total number of US businesses, industry market size, average sales per store location, industry financial ratios, and inventory turnover ratios by industry

  • Business Plan Pro: Over 500 free sample business plans; variety of industries and business structures; advice on writing a business plan, obtaining financing and establishing an online business

  • Business Owner's Toolkit: Small business strategies, news and resources through free membership; concepts are introduced by large companies and developed to fit the small business environment

  • Community Resource Center: Creates opportunities and resources to develop community groups and nonprofit organizations; tools include grant guides, seminars and workshops and helpful links

  • Provides over 1,000 links to socioeconomic data sources, broken down into economic activity by subject and provider; government websites and publications included to ease the search process for economic and demographic statistics
  • Guides for many of today's challenges for small businesses
  • The Simple Dollar: Financial information on finding the best products and services, saving money, making smart investments, and controlling personal finances

  • American FactFinder by the US Census Bureau: All US Census data is included on the website; population, housing, economic, and geographic information is available can be broken down as specifically as zip code or block area

  • The 2009 Statistical Abstract: Statistics on growth, distribution and characteristics; a Data Book of the US Census Bureau

  • EASI Demographics: Demographic estimates of areas surrounding a user-defined address are available with free account registration; ability to review demographic data of people within a one-mile, three-mile, five-mile, etc. radius of their location

  • Employee Benefit Research Institute: Information about employee benefits and sources for related data are available through this organization

  • World at Work: Nonprofit association is comprehensive source for information about compensation, benefits, work-life, and total rewards education; membership levels, including a free community account, are available for additional data and resources needed to develop effective professional programs

  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Provides information about laws, regulations, and litigation regarding employment

  • Society for Human Resource Management: Professional organization for human resource managers; resources and data are provided to promote the profession and provide information for practitioners; membership is required to access the majority of the site information

  • Find Law: Comprehensive legal website has a section specifically for small business; find forms, business start-up requirements, and legal information

  • Law Guru: Free legal advice, attorney locator, and database with common questions and requirements for small business is available to the general public, students, and professionals

  • Nolo: Specifically designed for small business and consumers; provides legal documents and forms, a research center, attorney locator, and legal product store

  • Law Info: Access to over 100,000 free legal documents and forms, free videos and research library as well as an attorney locator

  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: Search and/or apply for patents and trademarks

  • U.S. Copyright Office: information on how to copyright your publications

  • Code of Federal Regulations: Provides an online version of general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register; each volume is updated on an annual basis and is issued quarterly

  • State of Colorado: Learn about doing business in the state of Colorado; starting a business, Colorado regulations, licenses and permits, taxes, and business management

  • Colorado Data Book: Provides an annual overview of the state’s economy and demographics; additional information includes its employment base, tax structure, primary industry sectors, transportation and utilities; resources at regional and local levels with more detailed information
  • Colorado Business Express: Tips and tools to write a business plan, check employer responsibilities, estimate sales tax, and learn about government requirements for Colorado businesses; the Custom Resource Guide is a feature of this website that includes counseling, training, and related entrepreneurial resources
  • Colorado Secretary of State: Provides forms to register business organizations, names, trademarks, etc. Uniform Commercial Code, general business information, and industry news

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Provides the “economy at a glance”, labor data, and regional information

  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance: Government-wide grouping of federal programs, projects, services, and activities that assist the American public; site catalog is a helpful tool to search financial as well as non-financial programs

  • Provides information specifically from government databases; most useful for finding reports on grants, industry trends, and the consumer market; links to government branches and agencies

  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration: Provides a list of standards and publications related to safety in the workplace

  • Small Business Administration: Provides business resources, how-to guides, and “Great Business Hot Links;" topics fall in the following categories: planning, business start-up and growth, business management, and exit strategies

  • Statistical Abstract of the US: Annual summary of political, social, and economic statistics in the United States; sources include the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, among other federal agencies and private organizations

  • US Business Advisor: Information on legal requirements and related government services

  • US Department of Commerce: Links to related government websites as well as general business information and news

  • US Department of Labor: Business commerce information, news, and forms 

  • US Patent & Trademark Office: Provides information and resources on current patents and trademarks as well as the application process

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