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Erik Host-Steen

Erik Host-Steen


Erik Host-Steen is founder of SMP Alignment, a firm that helps leaders of small to mid-sized businesses grow the top line and bottom line by focusing on improving sales, marketing, and product definition.  Erik has been selling, marketing, and developing products for 20 years and has become tri-lingual in these disciplines, proficient in all three areas and capable of translating between and across them.


Erik’s expertise comes from working within and for several B2B industries and companies, from small family-owned businesses to the biggest publicly-traded enterprises.  His favorites are small to mid-sized technically-oriented B2B product companies with engineers and scientists as associates and customers.


The inspiration for SMP Alignment came from a multi-year product development journey at the Hach Company (part of Danaher, DHR), that reinvented a configurable platform of water quality monitoring instruments used by scientists and engineers worldwide to assess environmental water quality.  This was a comprehensive project encompassing mechanical, hardware, firmware, software, sensors, and user interface design to meet customer requirements discovered through comprehensive market and customer research and then packaging this complex product into something that is easy to sell with messaging, promotion, and sales tools that resonate with customers worldwide and the global sales team – all in an organization that takes lean manufacturing and performance expectations to the highest levels.  Such a project needed tight alignment and cross-functional cooperation between sales, marketing, and product development – and masterful use and development of tools, methods, processes, and tricks to make it happen and win back market share from an entrenched competitor.


In addition to years of hands-on practical practice, Erik leverages his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Binghamton University, master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of Buffalo, and a MBA focused in marketing from Cornell University.

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